Your Home Is The Ideal Environment To Learn Martial Arts

In ancient times, the martial arts were taught by parents to their children in their homes. One on one. There were no large modern store fronts, hi-definition videos, YouTube, DVDs or online learning. The wisdom shared was passed down by parent to child from generation to generation for the protection of these families and their communities. The lessons learned were highly treasured and great value was placed on this knowledge.

This parent-child method allowed parents to teach their children in the solitude of their own home. Every child was able to progress at their ideal individual pace, rather than a pace dictated by a large class of students of varying ages, skill levels, sizes, and maturity.

This is how my father taught me over a half-century ago. And how his father taught him over a century ago.

Now, with the Yamane Home Video series, you have the opportunity to teach martial arts to your child using this ideal method.

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