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The early learning course includes the same material taught in Niall's in-person classes at the Yamane studio in Daphne, Alabama. If your child were to participate in live classes there, these lessons would cost over $125.00.

For a limited time, we are offering the online course, valued at $84.95 for 70% off. Get it now for $25.49.

Enrollment in the course indicates an agreement with the Yamane Terms as specified here.

Structure of the Early Learners Mixed Martial Arts Lessons

Learning at home allows us to structure every lesson into the ideal number of segments of optimal length. This permits learning in “small bites” which allow faster learning, are easier to understand, and facilitate quicker recall because of the “bite size” concepts taught.

Each of the 16 lessons (1 per week) for this age group uses the following format of 6 segments per lesson. These segments are titled and described as follows:

1. Greetings and Warmup

a. Daily greetings

b. Physical warmup to loosen up the muscles

2. Technique – 1 technique is taught per lesson with the goal of making each technique simple and easy to understand. Detailed verbal explanations and multiple physical demonstrations from different angles are provided.

3. Character – An important Character Trait is taught every lesson to teach and encourage every student to learn, understand and adopt these important values of life.

4. Review and Games

a. Review of the lesson of the day is to reinforce the learning process.

b. Games are often a 3D review of the lesson, but performed in a fun and more high paced fashion to encourage the student to enjoy the excitement of practicing at their fastest speed.

5. Fun Exercises – now it's FUN time! Students are taught exercises specifically designed to improve their balance, strength, flexibility, eye-hand coordination, limb dexterity and focus. A different FUN exercise is taught every lesson!

6. Lesson Review and Closing is a short and quick refresher of the technique taught, and also a formal dismissal of class by the instructor.

A completion certificate is available to download and print at the end of the course to document students' progress.

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What are the goals of the YMMA Program?

At the most basic level, we want all of our children to learn Mixed Martial Arts in order to protect themselves if life puts them in harm’s way. In the world today, this should be on every family’s checklist for life. But, it's not our main goal. Indeed, there are larger and more important dreams to accomplish.

My wife and I hope that our 2 young children will make positive contributions to our community, state, country, and God permitting even the world. We hope they develop values that enable them to not only help themselves, but also their families, friends, school-mates, co-workers, fellow countrymen, and hopefully others around the world. With hope, we dream about the day when we can sit back and be proud of the job we have done in the all-too-brief window we have as parents to raise our children right.

So how do we achieve this?

Not by wishing. Not by dreaming. Not by being afraid of failing. Certainly not by failing to act. We must earnestly strive to provide our children with the right tools to cultivate positive growth. How can we expect our children to build such a life with empty hands? It is incumbent upon us, as parents, to place in their hands today’s equivalent of the shovels, picks, axes, 2x4s, bricks, cement and all the hammers and nails our parents used to make a life for themselves.

If we accomplish this, then we may rightfully sit back in peace knowing we have carried our children to the water's edge. And now it is up to them to drink.

So what do we do?

Teach. Teach. Teach.

Teach them values they will use their entire life. Teach them values that will guide their lives. Teach them values that will save their lives. Teach them values that will answer the same tough and heartbreaking challenges we faced.

We use Mixed Martial Arts as the teaching vehicle because martial arts has proven itself over countless centuries to be the most effective and beneficient teaching tool ever devised by mankind. If it can be used to effectively teach skills warriors need to survive in battle, it certainly can, and has been successfully used for centuries, to teach the lessons needed to live.

Our programs, from the youngest to oldest age groups, deliver essential messages embedded in each lesson. Examples of the messages throughout all of our programs include:

  • Faith – in themselves, others and God. It's what keeps us going.
  • Courage – because life requires it.
  • Hope – so they always search for the light.
  • Love and Compassion – so their lives will be full of richness.
  • Patience – there is a right time for everything in life.
  • Organization – because all children need structure.
  • To Do Right – the key to a good life.
  • Honesty – learn how to share the truth.
  • To Make Good Choices – the map to the crossroads in life.
  • Strength – in heart and mind.
  • Persistence – so they never quit.
  • Determination – learn how to keep their heads up and eyes forward.
  • Independence – so they will walk their own path and not that of others.
  • Leadership – because we don’t have enough.
  • How To Be A Team Player – we have to learn to get along.
  • Self-Discipline – self-control is key to being productive.
  • Good Sportsmanship – class under adversity must be taught.

Is this asking too much? Most wouldn’t make it this far.

We say, this is where we begin. It is our moral obligation and greatest desire, to reach for the stars and give them to our children. For our children are our future, and the future of this world. They are our only tomorrow.

I have always lived by the wisdom instilled by my mother. Without her, I would have failed in life. So, I always tell my students ….. GO BIG OR GO HOME. We must set the standard so high that even a failure by us, as parents, is a success by any measure.

We hope you will join us on our quest to give our children the tools to face this world. For it will be theirs to run before you know it.

May God Bless you all.
Niall Yamane

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